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I missed celebrating a HUGE milestone because of how hectic my week has been! Thank you ALL for subscribing, sharing, and joining this secret society!

Keep your eyes peeled for a podcast later in the week, and a new video meeting next Tuesday!

In the mean time, leave your questions or theories below, and I’ll try to address them in this week’s Audio Broadcast!



Without further ado, here is the first issue of The Gravity Falls Times. I hope you guys enjoy it!

Whoa, thank you doods !!

A Gravity Falls newspaper is a great idea !

An amazing plug by Gravity Falls News - and a great first issue! Be sure to follow Gravity Falls Times so you don’t miss the next paper!

MEETING #21: The Mystery of Stan Pines

MEETING #21: The Mystery of Stan Pines

Welcome brothers and sisters to this week’s meeting of the Royal Order of the Holy Mackerel!

In this week’s meeting I discuss the mystery of Stan Pines!


Challenge 19

Stanford Pines, the Man of Mystery. Though he is one of the main characters in Gravity Falls’ first season, much like his…

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Today, we want to announce a round of charity auctions we will be holding this month. We will be auctioning off several Gravity Falls Dipper hats signed by none other than Jason Ritter, the voice of Dipper Pines! Jason has been an incredible person and has taken the time to autograph a few hats for us. All proceeds from these auctions will go to his charity of choice, the Huntington’s Disease Society of America, also known as the HDSA.

The auctions will be posted during the month of April on our specially created eBay account. Each hat will be individually listed for auction and will last 7 days, with the final one concluding at the end of April. Good luck on all who bid!

With your support, our contributions will help the HDSA with things like supporting those with the disease along with research that may one day lead to it being eradicated entirely. If you’d like to donate directly, you can do so directly at their site by clicking here.

To help spread the word, we will also be giving away an unsigned hat away to a randomly selected person who likes or reblogs this post by 4/31/14. You can reblog as many times as you’d like but please don’t spam your followers.

The first hat is up for auction right now!
The second hat has been listed as well!
The third hat is available to bid on now!

Boosting the signal.

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