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Here’s a brief, but incredible and in-depth bio of Gravity Falls creator, Alex Hirsch, from 2010.

Alex Hirsch seen here smoking a cigar made from endangered panda skin, is a feared and loathed titan of industry who once called Chuck Jones a communist to his face and won a drinking contest against a champion racehorse.

Actually, Alex Hirsch is a 25-year old writer, board artist, and director who has done story work for Cartoon Network, Laika, Disney TV, Pixar, and JibJab. His career highlights include pitching bad puns to John Lasseter, touching Weird Al Yankovic’s hair, directing two pilots, and providing the voice of a female clam for Disney TV’s “Fish Hooks.” Currently he is wrapping production on the pilot for his first TV series, “Gravity Falls”, which, according to industry gossip, is going to be the greatest show ever made in the history of television. (And that includes Man Vs. Food)

In his spare time Alex enjoys posing for black and white pictures and writing biographies about himself in the third person.


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